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Quoting the info: This is a segment from a film called "Overview of American." It gives you a big-picture vision of why we used to enjoy so much personal freedom and prosperity in America. This video gives you a big-picture vision of why we it was possible and explains in a simple fashion the different systems of government throughout the world and the different economic principles underlying each type of government illustrating the great virtues of our unique nation and how it has become yet another Oligarchy. (2006, 32 min., DVD) 

There is no left or right as a spectrum there is either no law or total law and all the things in between.  The far left is total law, communism, fascism, corporatism, nazism etc.  The far right is of no law, anarchy.

There is no left or right, there is only how man rules himself or is ruled by others.  We as a Republic are ruled by law above all things, all men must adhere to the law, even our government, I fear we have lost sight of that.
Why do people give me llamas?  Honestly having so few comments or criticisms on my page I honestly feel a bit insulted when I get a Llama.  Thanks I guess, sorry my work wasn't interesting enough for you not to hurl an icon at me instead of needed criticism.

Marble white they came hard and fast,
tearing through like an iconoclast,
my cherished thoughts ripped asunder,
all to the sound of pealing thunder.
What is the nature of evil?  A stain on the soul, something that comes by what is good and turns it unclean?  Or is evil merely a way, a natural path?

As we walk forward and wonder, you feel in the the back of your head the scratching madness, the desire to leap upon someone bodily bearing them to the ground, hands wrapped around their throat.

Or maybe the prolonged desire to plot, to savor hate and misery like a fine wine, so immersed in our own anguish we begin to crave the darkness and deny the light, to tear out the "soul", and return too night.
Withered waltz, forgotten pains,
scars that match, the bloody stains,
sorrow savored, madness grown,
what a flavor, that I've known,
copper taste and iron plain,
know naught what I say again.
Alright things you should probably be interested in if you want to do this: Horror, Fantasy, Paranoia, Insanity and those old school multiple forms of either heroes or villains and/or character progression ideas.

I have a basic idea of a character as well as what I'd want to eventually become based on story arc.  Possibly more characters depending on your interest.  I'd also be interested for story input if the whole thing tickles your fancy.  I just want to do something creative in my life for once in the longest time.

Message me show me some examples of your art and I'll show you some examples of my writing pieces and character profiles.  If it clicks we'll go from there.
Consider a "religion" based on man, its sanctity and responsibilities in the universe and and a rational guide post to both how to learn, how to be human and how we may achieve focus, community and greater forging of the will, spirit and direction of our species.

But then again I envision a Monastic setting where people go to shut out the world for a time, to focus and learn and self improve, like a combination of western and eastern monasticism with all the fluff thrown away so there is only Mankind, the world, the cosmos and our place within.  Now imagine those people now capable of going out and articulating those thoughts unto their fellow man and spreading the glory of who we are as a creature as well as our perceived destiny of exploring the cosmos.  Many people believe our technology is outpacing our humanity.  I aim to fix that and have our humanity outstrip our technology.


United States
Well I love metal, the smell of it I mean, and gunpowder. I'm a self styled pirate of the modern age and am something of a very bad writer. When not spending time reading or writing, I am practicing with my cutlass and/or longsword (I'm also a M.A.R.E fanatic).

Current Residence: Hometown
Favorite genre of music: Folk Metal
Favorite style of art: Gritty fantasy
Operating System: Custom
MP3 player of choice: Sony Walkman
Shell of choice: Koopa troopa (lol, still gets me)
Wallpaper of choice: Randoms
Skin of choice: Mine, I've grown attached to it
Favorite cartoon character: My own personal ones I make in my head.
Personal Quote: Live by the motto, die by the irony.

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